Kagazz offers its customers two types of account to help managed as much or as little of the process as they want.‚Äč


Do it Yourself

Be the manager of your own fortunes

At Kagazz we know that some people like to be in complete control of their finances and our DIY solution will let you do just that. With the combination of the App and your personal web portal you will be able to manage your expenses how you want to, upload, file and manage as required and dont forget our comprehensive business intelligence suite too.


Sole Traders




Managed Service

Relax and let Kagazz do the hard work

Kagazz is aware that managing expenses can be a time consuming and non profitable process for a business, this is why we are the only expense managment business that offer a fully managed service, we can complete everything from policy administration to payment, we can intergate with your internal accountancy platform or direct to your external accountants through secure API technology.


Small Businesses

Medium Businesses