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Easy Receipt Capture

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Cloud Accounting Integration
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Multiple Receipt Capture

Secure Cloud Storage
Expense Payable Reporting

Multi Currency Support

Accountant Ready
Expense Approval Workflow

Expense Policy Support

Outsource Expense Capability

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Automated, quick and accurate expenses

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We Made This. For You.

We made this solution because we understand, and have lived through, the inconvenience and frustration of inefficient, time wasting expense management systems. We feel your pain.

Our response was to build a business expense management solution that is slippery smooth to use, simple to set up and makes lives easier. We believe we have succeeded in this goal.

Come join the thousands of people now taking advantage of freedom from the drudgery of receipts, the monotony of paperwork and the joy of being able to get on with your job. Join Kagazz - do it now.

Do it today.

It might be the most popular decision you make this year.

Time Is Precious

Employee time spent processing expenses is time wasted. We free you from the drudgery of processing expenses and let you get on with more profitable activities.

Flexible Plans

We offer a wide range of plans to fit every requirement. From DIY plans through to fully managed solutions we can solve your expenses problems quickly and efficiently.

Expenditure Insights

We provide first class reporting and analysis features which will really allow you to get under the skin of your expenditures. Deep insight comes as standard with the Kagazz solution.

Kagazz and Onelogin

We are proud to partner with Onelogin to provide our customers with complete peace of mind when using your expenses application on your phone, your laptop or your tablet.

Rock Solid Security

We understand that more than ever before there is a incontestable need for rock solid security in your business applications and processes.

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Commitment To You

Onelogin, plus our 'security-first' unflinching, uncompromising commitment to the integrity of our customers data ensures that with Kagazz you can rest easy.

The perfect expenses solution for YOUR business

Easy To Use

The Kagazz application has been designed to be clear, simple and very easy to use. You will love using the app to deal with expenses as and whe they occur.

The way it should be.

Effective User Interface

We completely understand the importance of a pleasant user interface. We have listened to feedback and designed an interface that is highly functional and never in your way.

The way it should be.

Simple Integration

Kagazz realises the value that other applications can offer so we built our solution to support easy integration with a whole range of clients.

The way it should be.

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