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Kagazz offers a wide range of plan based solutions - with pricing to suit every budget.

Regardless of job role, regardless of position, if you have to work with expenses then unless you are using Kagazz you are probably wasting time and money. Get in touch with Kagazz today and give us a chance to demonstrate an expenses management solution that really works.


    Our solution emancipates your employees from the drudgery of handling paper receipts, waiting for authorisation and potential delays in re-imbursement. Choosing Kagazz says to your employeees "Your time is more valuable".
    Check out our plans and pricing and prepare for popularity.

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    Kagazz was designed with your needs in mind. With deep insight and intelligence into expense claim patterns and first rate reporting Kagazz will not let you down.

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    As a professional contractor or freelancer you know that nothing is more valuable than your time. Kagazz can ensure that time spent claiming and managing your essential operating expenses is minimal, pleasant and productive.

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